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Personal Moisturizing Lubricant + Essesntial Oils + Vitamin E

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Moisturizing Personal Lubricant with Essential Oils + Vitamin E

No. 1  Multivitamin / 120 caps No. 2    Strong Hair, Skin & Nails / 90 caps No. 3    Bio Available Vitamins K2 and D3 / 60 caps No. 4    Superior Omega 3/ 60 soft gels No. 5    CO Q 10 / 120 soft gels

Pharmaceutical Grade +medically endorsed

18 Essential Vitamins


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Dr C Vitamins is a proud Supporter of Vitamin Angels

Thanks to you and your purchase, Dr. C Vitamins, in partnership with Vitamin Angels, will provide a child in need with vitamins for a full year. 

You care, we care, Dr C. Cares.


"Dr. C Vitamins changed my life.  Someone stopped me and said my skin was glowing."

Veronica Cardenas

My skin is brighter, I sleep like a baby and my energy levels are through the roof.

Andrea Ruiz

Dr. C vitamins are worth every penny.  Everyone should be taking these

Tyron Jackson

I feel better now then when I was 50 years old."       Highly recommended!

Ed Franklin