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VitaLube Moisturizing Personal Lubricant w/Essential Oils + Vitamin E  15ml

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No. 3 Bio Available K2+D3

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Dr C Vitamins is a proud Supporter of Vitamin Angels

Thanks to you and your purchase, Dr. C Vitamins, in partnership with Vitamin Angels, will provide a child in need with vitamins for a full year. 

You care, we care, Dr C. Cares.


I am 70 yrs old and feel better now then when I was 50.

Lisel, 70

dr. c vitamins change my life!  worth every penny.

everyone should be taking


Tyson Daniels, 47

Since i’ve been taking Dr. C Vitamins, I have endless amounts of energy and sleep like a baby.  

Annalise, 32

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