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Introducing Dr. C's Vitamin Kits! Are you looking to feel better? Lose weight? Have more energy? Take care of your heart? Everything you need is all in one place, AND at a discount!

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No. 3 Bio Available K2+D3

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Why take Dr. C?

giving back

Dr C Vitamins is a proud Supporter of Vitamin Angels

Thanks to you and your purchase, Dr. C Vitamins, in partnership with Vitamin Angels, will provide a child in need with vitamins for a full year. 

You care, we care, Dr C. Cares.


I am 70 yrs old and feel better now then when I was 50.

Lisel, 70

dr. c vitamins change my life!  worth every penny.

everyone should be taking


Tyson Daniels, 47

Since i’ve been taking Dr. C Vitamins, I have endless amounts of energy and sleep like a baby.  

Annalise, 32

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