Veronica Cardenas


I am the founder of Dr C. Vitamins, a wellness brand dedicated to improving quality of life with pharmaceutical grade and medically endorsed vitamins, CBD and other wellness products.

 Before devoting my work fulltime to wellness, I received a degree at Parsons School of Design, and worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years. I worked for high-profile designers like Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, and owned a multi-brand showroom in New York, Los Angeles and Paris.

 Though I loved NYC and my career, the long hours and high stress environments took a hard toll on my body both inside and out. Even though I considered myself healthy, I ran the NYC marathon and ate well, the constant stress, overwhelming exhaustion and lack of sleep caused me to faint. I hit my head on the cement floor and it knocked some sense into me. It was an epiphany moment and knew my life needed to change.

 Diagnostic blood test results showed that I was deficient in several vitamin categories and my hormones levels were all over the place. After researching and meeting with several physicians I discovered high quality vitamins and also the benefits of incorporating a plant-based diet. This combination along with continuing to exercise changed my life.

 My health and quality of life improved in immeasurable ways. I no longer take any prescription drugs, my energy and focus returned, my skin looked healthier than it ever has, and I was in the best shape of my life.

6 months later the follow-up diagnostic blood test came back and my numbers were optimal! But more importantly I felt AMAZING!

 I made a commitment to move from NYC to Austin after 24 year and change my career to launch Dr. C Vitamins. I went back to school for integrative nutrition, and decided to partner with physicians and wellness experts to curate the most essential supplements and wellness products.   Creating a simplified approach to providing exactly what is needed to maintain healthy living continues to be the focus.

Many supplement companies use poor raw material selection and dosing that is below the needed therapeutic levels. Unlike over-the-counter vitamins, our supplements are manufactured without commonly found synthetic ingredients and are tested for quality, potency, and purity. They are manufactured under the same guidelines as prescription drugs in FDA-registered facilities that follow Certified Good Manufacturing Practices protocol.

 Dr. C is a proud supporter of Vitamin Angels, a leading non-profit that offers health and nutrition to 61 million children in more than 74 countries around the world. When a customer purchases Dr. C Vitamins they provided a mother and child with vitamins for a full year, improving the health of families everywhere. I will continue to rotate partnerships with other non profit organization and believe that giving back is part of our DNA.

I am passionate about helping you achieve your best possible health, and Dr. C Vitamins will get you on the track to wellness.