Introducing Dr. C Vitamin Kits!

Are you looking to feel better? Lose weight? Have more energy? Take care of your heart?
Everything you need is all in one place, AND at a discount!
Our Weight Management Essentials Kit activates the "Master Metabolic Switch" while incorporating nutrient-absorbing properties in time-released capsules to deliver everything your body needs to burn calories and keep you feeling your best. While going to the gym and watching what you eat is necessary, this kit will prime your system to absorb every good decision you make, and help you achieve the results you've always dreamed of. 
Feeling blue? The Mood Essentials Kit is specifically designed to work together to fuel your brain and body. When taken together, this powerful combination combats environmental toxins such as free radicals while giving your body a boost of anti-oxidants and optimized mood-boosting nutrients to help you feel positive and ready to face the day. 
The Energy Essentials Kit provides a powerhouse of nutrients that attach themselves to your body's cells to help them renew, regenerate and allow you to feel awake and ready to rise and shine. Patients that complain of being tired from the moment they awake should begin their day with begins vitamins that combine to help them sleep soundly. 
We also recommend the Cardiovascular Essentials Kit to all our patients. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for women, and it's so preventable. While lifestyle choices contribute heavily, taking a combination of the superior Omega-3s, Co-Q10 and Glucocore in this kit helps women everywhere keep that risk at bay.
As a special introductory offer, you can buy these kits at 15% off by using the code DRCCARES. 
Here's to your good health!