7 Bloat-Busting Tips for a Flatter Stomach

Everyone wants a flatter stomach, but even if you commit to a healthy lifestyle, it might not happen. There are many reasons for this, but bloating is at the top of the list. If you have been struggling with belly bloat, try some of these techniques to flatten your stomach.

  1. Avoid Possible Food Allergies

 The first thing you should do is figure out if you might have any food allergies. These are common culprits for bloating, when you can’t figure out where the bloat is coming from. You can have food intolerances without severe side effects other than bloating. Have your doctor test your food tolerances, or you can try an elimination diet like the low FODMAP diet or Whole30.

  1. Don’t Eat or Drink Too Fast

 Something as small as eating and drinking more slowly can reduce your bloating slightly. If you tend to gulp your drinks, even your water, you probably end up being more bloated. Take sips of water and don’t use a straw, as that also can cause bloating. When you are eating, take smaller bites and chew more thoroughly instead of trying to inhale your food.

  1. Stay Away From Carbonated Beverages

 Carbonation can expand the size of your stomach thanks to all that extra air in your stomach. The more of them you drink throughout the day, the more bloated you will probably be. Switch to plain water instead of sparkling water, and try to drink less of those soft drinks.

  1. Reduce the Size of Your Meals

 You may also want to try spacing out your meals where you eat less during each meal, but eat more often. This naturally allows you to eat less at each meal and have less bloating. Your stomach has more time throughout the day to digest your food.

  1. Give Yourself Time to Adjust to Diet Changes

 When you change your diet drastically, your body needs a little time to adjust. For example, if you are starting to eat more fruits and vegetables, your fiber is going to go up quite a bit. If you aren’t used to this much fiber, your body reacts by bloating. This isn’t permanent, but if it’s uncomfortable, it’s a better idea to increase your fiber more gradually.

  1. Yoga Poses for Bloating

 There are many exercises that can help reduce your bloating, starting with yoga. Try adding yoga to your daily routine, and you will notice that your bloating and other gut discomfort eases up quite a bit. 

  1. Understand That Bloating After Eating is Normal

 Lastly, make sure you understand that a certain amount of bloating is normal. Everyone bloats after eating and before fully digesting their food.