Why do we need Multivitamins?

Balance and wellbeing are something that we all strive for.  We try to eat right, exercise, meditate, and get enough sleep but things out of our control like stress, poor sleep and dietary deficiencies create gaps our nutritional intake.  According to a report from the Oregon State University, about 75% of the US population do not consume the recommended intake of fruit and more than 80% do not consume the recommended intake of vegetables.


What type of Multivitamin should I take?

 If you are taking care of yourself but you still deal with stress, insomnia, low energy, or the struggle to feel balanced, multivitamins and supplements may be the answer.  A good multivitamin or supplement will have scientific evidence to support its formulation and the company should always share their source.  With this in mind, it’s best to look for vitamins that offer:

• A balanced vitamin profile - imbalances between micronutrients can lead to better intestinal absorption and displacement at a metabolic/cellular level.

• Bioavailability - contains micronutrients that are better absorbed and utilized.  These contain vitamin E

• Antioxidant Protection - Vitamins E & C, selenium, zinc, beta carotene provides broad-spectrum antioxidant activity.

• Detoxification Support - Beta carotene, vitamin C, tocopherols, selenium, copper, zinc and manganese should be present to protect tissues from Xenobiotics, including environmental pollutants and medications to be easily extracted from the body.


The Verdict:

 Researchers have concluded that getting daily essential vitamins is important to wellbeing even for those that exercise regularly, regularly perform stress-relieving activities like meditation/yoga, and get proper sleep.   Even a healthy/balanced diet can easily be lacking in important supplements/vitamins that are vital to a healthy body and can affect your overall wellbeing.  It’s important to find one that works for you.  We recommend Dr C Vitamins No 1 Multivitamins that not only provide detoxification and antioxidant protection, but they also support individuals with stressful lifestyles.  Take the step to feel amazing!


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