7 Day am/pm Pill Box Organizer

Regular price $19.00

• 7 containers for every day of the week
• AM/PM separator
• Durable build
• Containers easily separate
• Screw-tops provide protection against pills spilling
• Cylindrical design makes it easy to store
• Bright green design makes it easy to located

Simple Design
The 7 day pill box easily separates by twisting  and locking for easy organization. 
Unique detachable compartment separators help to divide pills for morning and nights.
Travel Friendly
The simple assembly and disassembly design makes this a perfect solution for bringing your pills while traveling.  Pack the two corresponding compartments for the days you need to travel of take all seven apart to fit into a packed suitcase.
Made from BPA and Paraben free plastics.  The sturdy screw on tops prevent pills from falling or getting lost.